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Kallante Makan (The Thief)
Kunjunni is the school going son of the thief, Neelantan. He enters into a fight with his classmate, Kurien, over the profession of his father. Neelantan approaches Kurien's father, Mathai, and urges him to leave the children alone from such prejudices. Mathai is offended by this and in retaliation prepares a petition to the police chief demanding preventive custody of Neelantan. Upon Neelantan's arrest, Kunjunni persuades his mother to talk him out of his profession. Two years later, Kunjunni comes home with the news that Kurien's house has been burgled. A heartbroken Kunjunni realizes the truth about the burglary when he sees the full meal and new clothes at his home.

Niyamavum Neethiyum (The Police)
The new police Inspector is upright and decides to probe the 'unsolved' case of a theft in a merchant's shop. It is rumoured that the Head Constable Pillai had a liaison with the culprit and they shared the loot. Upon the Inspector's order, Pillai and his fellow-constable Mathu set out to solve the case. Though Mathu suggests to re-arrest the culprit, Pillai vacillates. While discussing this issue in a local bar, Mathu spots a moment of opportunity when he notices a rickshaw-puller opening an envelope of currency notes. Before the innocent victim comes to terms with the situation, he is arrested for the burglary. He is threatened that if he proceeds to defend himself or appeal, he will lose all his savings. The poor victim has hardly a choice.


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